Would YOU like to sponsor an event in some way eg providing food, marquees, advertising, etc? If so call us and let us hear your ideas. Our events are based on fun and accessibility to as many people as possible. Your input could bring joy to so many!

Xmas 2016

Easter joy 2016

Avenues were joined by our friends from across the community to a morning of karaoke in our very own personal park! Whilst the bunny might have been spotted hiding chocolate surprises, her secrets were safe with our friends and there was gleeful sharing of the treats once found!

Xmas 2015

A very special Santa visit in 2015 as one of our own Avenues’ friends donned the red suit!”

Easter 2015

Every Easter is a yummy opportunity for Avenues friends and community to enjoy good food with maybe just a little bit of Easter chocolate thrown in!

Wheel Adventure 2015

In July 2015, Avenues celebrated yet another amazing Wheel Adventure Day! This annual event is a community day where friends old and new enjoy the sunshine, music, food, laughter and the thrill of a motorbike ride!

Celebrations 2015

Every day, every week, every month is an event to be celebrated!

Gympie Show 2015

When friends bump in to one another out and about enjoying the sunshine – Gympie Show 2015

Gympie Show 2015-IMG_8992 _final










Xmas 2014

Xmas 2014 – a chance to laugh, laugh and definitely laugh some more!