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Pricing for our in home support, short term accommodation/respite and community access services is aligned to the NDIS Price Guide. Avenues is a respondent to the Price Guide’s Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) which assists providers to continue to transform and operate their businesses as we move towards a more competitive marketplace environment.

Avenues regular support prices are listed below however your Schedule of Supports will contain all prices as per the support agreement.

The link below shows the NDIS prices for all NDIS services including TTP.

01_002_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Night – TTP$67.03
01_004_0107_1_1Assistance With Personal Domestic Activities$51.22
01_011_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Daytime – TTP$59.81
01_012_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Public Holiday – TTP$132.09
01_013_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Saturday – TTP$83.89
01_014_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Sunday – TTP$107.99
01_015_0107_1_1_TAssistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Evening – TTP$65.82
01_049_0104_1_1Establishment Fee For Personal Care/Participation$572.30
01_049_0107_1_1Establishment Fee For Personal Care/Participation$572.30
01_058_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Weekday$1,781.49
01_059_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Saturday$2,271.17
01_060_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Sunday$2,870.93
01_061_0115_1_1STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Public Holiday$3,470.45
01_082_0115_1_1Medium Term Accommodation$130.49
04_102_0125_6_1_TAccess Community Social And Rec Activities – Public Holiday – TTP$132.09
04_103_0125_6_1_TAccess Community Social And Rec Activities – Standard – Weekday Evening – TTP$65.82
04_104_0125_6_1_TAccess Community Social And Rec Activities – Weekday Daytime – TTP$59.81
04_105_0125_6_1_TAccess Community Social And Rec Activities – Standard – Saturday – TTP$83.89
04_106_0125_6_1_TAccess Community Social And Rec Activities – Standard – Sunday – TTP$107.99
14_033_0127_8_3Plan Management And Financial Capacity Building – Set Up Costs$232.35
14_034_0127_8_3Plan Management – Financial Administration$104.45
15_035_0106_1_3Assistance With Decision Making Daily Planning and Budgeting$55.47
15_037_0117_1_3Individual Skill Development And Training Including Public Transport Training$55.47
15_038_0117_1_3Training For Carers/Parents$63.21
15_045_0128_1_3Community Engagement Assistance$44.40
09_009_0117_6_3Skills Development And Training$65.09

Feedback and Complaints

We pride ourselves on the amazing support and care our workers provide our clients, however from time to time something might happen that you are not happy about. This could be with your support workers, the office staff or an Avenues service.

Complaints are one of the best ways to identify problems. We encourage you to speak with us as this will help us to improve our services.

Avenues’ complaint management system consists of forms, registers and policies and procedures to assist you and us in handling a complaint and working together towards a resolution. 

If you, a family member or guardian or a member of the public would like to make a complaint, there are several ways you can go about this. 

You could;

  • Use the contact us email form on this website and write to us.
  • Phone us on 5482 9775
  • Pop into our office on 37 Red Hill Rd Gympie
  • You can request our feedback and complaints form and/or a copy of our Feedback and Complaints Policy and fill this in with your concerns.

If you feel that we have been unable to resolve your complaint or concern you can also contact a Disability Advocacy organisation or the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission to seek further assistance. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist in any way.

Privacy Policy

To provide an effective and high-quality service and to maintain appropriate accountability, Avenues Lifestyle Support Association Inc. must collect, store and sometimes share relevant personal information about the people we support. It is important that we are consistent and careful in the way we decide who can see or hear this information, and protect and uphold the legislated rights of the people we support to access to their own records.

Avenues is committed to preventing unauthorised persons gaining access to any person’s confidential records and to permitting the people we support access to their own records when this is reasonable and appropriate. Specifically, we will:

• Determine who is authorized access to the person we support’s information, in the consent form signed by the people we support.

• Restrict access to the people we support’s information to unauthorized persons and ensure all information gathered is secure at all times to protect information from unauthorised access and/or disclosure, modification or misuse.

• Inform the people we support about their right to access records containing personal information about themselves and how they can request this.

• Recording the people we support requests to access files.

• Make fair and appropriate decisions about permitting or refusing access to personal information.

• Provide for the people we support, or have supported, to access their own confidential information.

• Advise the people whom we have refused access to personal information how to appeal (if appropriate).

• Enable the people we support to change records they believe to be inaccurate or misrepresenting, when appropriate.

For any concerns related to privacy, please contact Avenues Lifestyle Support directly by calling (07) 5482 9775